Thursday, January 1, 2009

I got a new cookbook!

I'm so excited! I was over at my friend Anne-Marie's apartment the other night, and was enthralled by a cookbook she had on her coffee table: The Farm to Table Cookbook by Ivy Manning. So, I had to go buy my own copy yesterday. (You should visit her website, because she has some of the recipes posted.)

Subtitled "The Art of Eating Locally," the recipes are all about what to get at the farmer's market in each season, and what to do with it when you get home. The pictures are gorgeous, and there are charts to help you figure out which heirloom tomatoes are which, and what all those different types of squash are. Some of the recipes - Whole Wheat Penne with Wild Mushrooms, Seared Broccoli and Sweet Onion Salad, Roasted Butternut Soup in Dumpling Squash Bowls - are already friendly to my no-sugar-no-refined-carbs-hypoglycemic diet (which is also good if you're diabetic, by the way), but others will have to be adapted.

Next, I think I'll post some quick tips for what to look for when you do tweak an ordinary recipe to fit the Filthy Sucre standard...

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