Wednesday, April 15, 2009

are these people for real?!?!?

I got an email today about how the Mid America CropLife Association (or, NAMBLA) is starting a PR blitz about Michelle Obama's organic garden at the White House. You see, they represent companies that manufacture agricultural pesticides, and they are mad that she's not using them. That's right, First Lady, you can't have an organic garden - the poison-free veggies you are serving to your daughters and important world leaders are simply un-American. Oh, and I hate to nitpick, but shouldn't you be dipping your bread in petroleum rather than olive oil?

I remember during the election when members of a certain party made fun of a certain other candidate for liking arugula...but maybe they would have enjoyed their leafy greens more if they were served with a tasty dusting of Methyl Bromide? Never mind that the National Cancer Institute has linked this chemical with increased risk of prostate cancer - which is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

The main reason I find this so infuriating is that is none of the Mid America CropLife Association's freakin' business how the First Lady wants to approach her project of promoting healthy eating. Thier kind of "conventionally grown" food is more than available to consumers, and in truth, it's not very sustainable. Pesticide farming is an invention of the 20th century, created to make the mass production of food possible - but it has nothing to do with "convention," as humans successfully farmed without this stuff for thousands of years. Pesticides make our food less nutritious, and they contaminate the soil, run off into our water supply, and basically make a big, disgusting mess. With all of the Obama administration's green initiatives, Mrs. Obama would be inviting accusations of hypocrisy were she to promote chemically-assisted farming. Yet, the pesticide people seem to feel they are entitled to pressure her to use chemicals - like spraying her crops is some kind of duty!

I signed this petition to support the White House organic garden, and I encourage you to do so as well if you think these pesticide people should back off. You can read the full text of the Mid America CropLife Association's letter to Mrs. Obama here, including the heartwarming tidbit about thier educational outreach to elementary schools "covering the science behind crop protection products." Wow. What an ironic euphemism: these products may indeed protect crops from pests (by poisoning the bugs), but really, the problem is that they don't seem concerned about whether people should be protected from their product.


  1. Goshhhh, this is ridiculous! Anyone with sound mind knew organic food is good for health.

    I bet the families of Mid America CropLife Association don't use chemicals on their own families and behind the propaganda, they do ate organic food! They used others as guinea pigs for their products - not only on 3rd World Countries but also USA herself! They are poisoning Mother Nature who has her own natural pest control mechanism with the help of good bugs, thus weaken her so that they can reaped the benefits by drowning her with chemicals... It's like, "Hey, we don't live that long, lets grab what we can enjoy now!" Day light robbery that is :-(

    Mrs Obama, if you read Addie's blog, please don't listen to such group and let them control your life. I grew organic vegetables in pots at my balcony and I'm from 3rd World Country. You set a truly healthy example that Americans should follow. You are to lead not to be lead!

    These pesticide companies should use their 'expertise' to help/to assist Nature to fight pest naturally and organically - not by overtake with chemicals.

    It's pity the petition is not open for Non-USA, you can count my support. Thank you Addie for bringing up this matter to WWW and allowed me to say in her blog my opinion. :-)

    Addie, you have very interesting blog with delicious recipes...keep it up! I'm looking forward to read more recipes!

  2. Thanks for your comment, pixen! I've coincidentally found a few more interesting articles about agricultural pesticides, and I'll be blogging about that soon. Good luck with your balcony garden!


  3. Hi Addie, I also think this is crazy! The average small-time home gardener doesn't use pesticides (at least the ones I know don't) so why should Michelle Obama be any different? She's just trying to feed her family nutritious, fresh food. It says a lot about how skewed priorities in the US have gotten (big business/making $$ vs. what's truly good for people) when big pesticide companies think the First Lady is setting a bad example by growing organic! You're sending a great message by talking about this on your blog-not enough people have heard about it!