Monday, December 29, 2008

Filthy Sucre = I don't eat sugar or refined carbs. Weird, I know.

I love food. A lot. And I'm almost always hungry. And, I know there are lots of good food blogs out there, but I have a problem:

Doughnut at Starbucks for breakfast? Can't do it.

Spaghetti at that cute Italian place? Nope.

Big burrito with flour tortilla and Mexican rice? No, thanks. Not unless I want a blinding, nauseating headache with a side of blurry vision and fluttery heartbeat.

Unfortunately, I like all these foods. And most people seem to be fine eating them, even if a doughnut isn't exactly health food. But, I'm a hypoglycemic, so I'm always explaining what I can and can't eat.

My intention for this blog is not to convert you, the reader, into giving up sugar to the degree that I have. Actually, I already know a couple of other people who don't eat sugar or refined carbs, and I wanted to be able to share recipes with them. Also, as a hypoglycemic, I have learned over the years, through painful trial and error, what not to eat – if your body works like mine, maybe I can help you with some things I've learned. And, it's fun to complain (humorously, I hope).

I hope writing about food will also drive me to learn more about organic food and sustainability, which are topics of interest to me. Fresh, local, sumptuous food inspires me, and takes the focus off of the treats (and basics) I've given up, putting the spotlight back where it belongs: on gorgeous, mouthwatering, uncellophaned, unrefined food with pronouncable ingredients that make me feel good. That's more wholesome than apple pie.


  1. I just found your blog and notice that you have not written anything for a while. Please don't stop. I am 62 and have fought hypoglycemia all of my life. Sometimes I win - sometimes not. Those of us who live with this monster have got to help each other. I just ran across a nutritional blog - lots of PhDs - that recommends 65% carbs! They are inSANE - I'd be DEAD if I did that! The only recourse we have is to help each other - so keep on blogging about hypoglycemia!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!! You're right, I have not been posting so much lately, but I will be back. I have been doing an intensive yoga teacher training course (and I work full time!), so I haven't had as much time to cook and write. Your comment is so inspiring, though, and helps to motivate me to squeeze the blogs into my schedule! Take care.

  3. Hi - I just stumbled across your blog here and very glad to find it. Are you still low-carb? I'm 60 and am reacting worse to sugar as the time goes by. So I try to eat high protein and fat, with lots of help from Jimmy Moore's livin la vida site. Even fresh fruit is not the best for me anymore. And eating foods with sugar substitutes still makes me crave more sweets, so ideally, I should eat meat and vegetables only. What I would like to find is more sites of people's stories on quitting sugar. Any ideas?